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Elite Physical Therapy opens 30th location in Meridian.

Earlier today, residents and city officials gathered in celebration of a new business opening its doors in Meridian. Elite Physical Therapy opened its 30th location in Mississippi and will serve the people of Meridian in several capacities.

“I hope to be able to provide somethings that others don’t, one is availability, we’re open from seven in the morning to seven at night: five days a week, to take care of those patients that do have to work while they're injured and hurt.

Even though the company has a strong reputation on the state, there is still much more to be done according to Don Donnelly

“Elite Physical Therapy is a division of Drayer Physical Therapy Institute: it’s their marking brand in the state of Mississippi, Drayer Physical Therapy Institute was founded by Luke Drayer in Pennsylvania several years ago; as a physical therapy provider that is Christain founded based, on the principles of always doing what is right by the patient."

Don Donnelly, who serves as the center manager says, he always had dreams for this new location.

"I’ve actually been a physical therapist practicing in Meridian for over 22 years. God put it on my heart to do something a little bit different, a few years back there was a lot of discussion among my family, and co-workers, and friends; on how that avenue is going to go, and you pray for burning bushes in life to get some decisions,and the good Lord was able to send me some."

Donnelly says, with many years of experience and more resources, he hopes to serve the patients in Meridian like never before.

“I’m going to continue to provide the area with the same quality of physical therapy and sports medicine rehabilitation that I have done for 22 years. I’m going to do it in a location that’s more accessible, that provides some of the equipment and tools that I did not have access to before. By doing so, I hope to be able to take the quality of care that I’ve been able to provide the last 22 years build on it and grow on and do it even better.”

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