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Murder suspect has preliminary hearing

On Monday night around 8:45pm, the Meridian Police Department received a call of a drive by shooting, which leads to today’s preliminary hearing. Seventeen-year-old Kenmonte Wooten has been charged with drive-by shooting and murder.

“We do know that the suspect and the victim knew each other. At this time we don’t know the motive. The case is still on-going and being investigated. We do believe we have the person responsible for the death of the victim, but like I said, we still have more people to interview for this case.” -Sergeant Dareall Thompson, Meridian Police Department

It is currently unclear whether Wooten acted alone or had someone else in the car with him, which Sergeant Thompson says more people are to be interviewed. The victim was only 18 years old and was shot in the back.

“This is something that could have been prevented based on somebody being upset with another person. Guns are not the answer. They are meant to protect and not just go around out there and shoot somebody.” -Sgt. Thompson

Due to Wooten committing a crime with a deadly weapon, and in this case being a gun, he will be tried as an adult. Wooten’s bond has been reduced to $200,000 on each charge versus $500,000.

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