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Meridian Community College Freshman prepare for College.

Going off to college is a huge transition from high school. There is a process of many steps to take such as, attending orientation, registering for courses, and having a student id picture made. Braden Forsyth, is one of many freshman students at Meridian Community College that experienced the procedure in getting ready for college.

“I think it really opened all of our eyes up you know, just to let us know that their not going to give us anything, that we’re going to have to work for it, and I think that’s actually good, that they’re actually trying to embed the work ethic early in us so, I mean, I think it’s going to do good for all of us.”

Although college is a time to learn, some students come to play as well.

“They said they’re going to prepare us for everything in the college life, and the real world,and their baseball program here is good, so you know, I’m ready for that.”

Forsyth says he has a strong history of playing baseball.

“I’ve been holding a bat and throwing ball since I was 3 years old, and I’ve played since, it’s just something I’ve always done since I was born and loved, it turned into a lifestyle.”

According to Forsyth, while he's excited to play baseball for M-C-C; he says he's ready to focus more on his major, which is mechanical engineering.

"It’s something that I like, I’ve been fascinating with machinery, and my dad’s a diesel technician, so mechanical and diesel trucks so, I’m just kind of mixing the two."

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