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10th annual Symphony Fun Fest at MCC

Local children of all ages got a chance to learn about all the different instruments within a symphony.

“It’s a really great opportunity to introduce them to music because they’re really young and don’t have any pre-conceived notion about what music is. Music can really be anything, it’s just organized sound. So, they get a chance to make music.” -Victoria O’Quin, summer intern

The annual Meridian Symphony Fun Fest occurred earlier today at MCC, which is put on by the

Meridian Symphony Association.

“Studies do show that the earlier you introduce students or young people to music, the more likely it is they’ll have a life-long love of learning and appreciation of music and most often pick up an instrument. Of course, those who play instruments, the studies also show that they are more likely to have discipline in their lives, to complete projects, and understand attention span. Things like that are really good for young people.” -Susie Johnson, Exec. Dir., Meridian Symphony Association

This is the 10th year that the Meridian Symphony has out on the Symphony Fun fest and the third year that they’ve partnered with MCC. Those teaching the classes are mostly college students or graduates from Southern Miss.

“Music is an ever-changing thing, and as it progresses we’re going to progress too. So, I feel like to keep that and to instill that in them early is very important. I mean, you take your kids to Bible school, and of course you want them to come to music camps too. It’s really important because they get to experience something and they get to make something that’s theirs. No one can take that away from them, and I think for some kids that’s really important.” -O’Quin

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