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Local business owner raises awareness of domestic violence

One local business owner in Meridian has taken the initiative to spread awareness of the dangers of domestic violence. Angela Dearman who runs Vaperz Bar and Lounge in North Hills says, she wanted to do something to honor the life of Marsha Pace who was killed by her husband, in a domestic dispute incident that occurred last Friday.

“I just wanted to do something that was good for the family. I wanted to be able to offer something that was just as beautiful as Marsha: to her kids because, I know that they lost their mother and it just kind of felt right. It’s something that felt good to me, to offer, to do a benefit and give them something from this.”

According to Dearman, experiencing domestic violence is a serious matter and is something that no one should ignore, if there are signs in a relationship.

“Domestic violence is a silent killer, people don’t talk about it, they don’t want to speak about it, but they just kind of, they just kind of hide. They want to make sure that no one is mad at them when rather you should speak up speak, out, be their voice.”

Dearman hopes to spread a message of hope for victims that may be witnessing domestic violence.

"I absolutely think it will be helpful. I think once they see that the community doesn’t have a problem with helping and bringing awareness, that they may actually try to get out of a situation, that they don’t think there is a way out of. So, thanks to Marsha, she’s still helping everyone in the community, she was so good at it anyway and so, now she still has a voice and we’re helping get that voice out for her."

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