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Election officials prepare for runoff.

It has already been three weeks since the primary election. Now, poll workers are finalizing preparations for tomorrow's runoff election.

David Baria and Howard Sherman will run for the Democratic candidacy for U-S Senate while Michael Guest and Whit Hughes are running for the Republican candidacy for the 3rd Congressional Seat. This vote will mark the second time since Lauderdale County reverted back to a paper-based voting system. Poll officials are hoping by having state of the art equipment that is simple to use, it will help increase the voter turnout.

“The first election went very smoothly, we had over 8600 ballots cast we had less than a dozen of paper jams throughout the whole day, I think that’s a pretty successful day. “

Tate says because the older style voting technology is so simple to use when voting, he really hopes more voters will come out and take advantage of this new process.

"You just feed your ballot into the scanner like you would a dollar bill to a vending machine, it will take it in, it will scan it and we will now have a paper trail of your vote."

Meanwhile, circuit clerk for Lauderdale County Donna Jill Johnson says, there are factors to keep in mind when voting.

“We want the voters in Lauderdale County to be aware that, if for some reason they did not vote 3 weeks ago in the first primary: they are eligible to vote in the second primary tomorrow, from seven AM to seven PM. If you voted Democrat three weeks ago, you have to vote Democrat again, if you voted Republican three weeks ago, you have to vote Republican again. You cannot cross over vote in any primary election.”

According to Johnson, when voting at a precinct there must be proper identification in hand.

“Voter ID is in effect in the state of Mississippi so, be sure you have your driver’s license or state ID or State Issued ID. “

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