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Local educator is retiring

Dr. Charlotte Tabereaux has been involved in education for 45 years, and is now about to close the classroom. She is currently the education director for the MSU Riley Center for education and performing arts.

“I have had a career that’s very strong in arts integration because I found that to be that way that students learn and enjoy learning, and I am a believer in life-long learning. If you can teach a child to love learning and to seek that knowledge, then you have a lifelong learner.” - Dr. Charlotte Tabereaux

Dr. Tabereaux wrote a 50 page application to the Kennedy Center in Washington DC for the Any Given Child Program to come to Meridian, which the city then became the 23rd in the country to get this initiative.

“The way to have excellent economics in our city and to have better jobs is to of course have a good school district. It’s already a good one, but through the Any Given Child our whole community is coming together to work on something that we know can influence the quality of education that goes on in our own city.” - Dr. Tabereaux

The program helps to assist communities in developing a plan for expanding arts educations for their local schools and ensuring access and equality for all students.

“I love teaching. One time I was teaching at Belhaven University, and I was up there just spouting out things I believe, and I raised my hand and I looked up and thought to myself, this is what I love—this is what I am meant to do. I’ve always known that, and I enjoy it. It is my passion, and arts education became my passion.” - Dr. Tabereaux

Dr. Tabereaux also brings students in to see live theatre, trains teachers to have them more comfortable with arts integration, and writes grants. She plans to spend her time in retirement visiting her grandchildren in Missouri and Michigan.

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