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Cardiovascular Institute of the South opens in Meridian.

It was a moment of celebration, while a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for the grand opening of Cardiovascular Institute of The South: with more than twenty locations in operation and experienced medical professionals at hand, the new location will serve Meridian and Lauderdale County very well.

“We’re nine cardiologists who have been practicing in Meridian between 15 and 25 years,and we saw an opportunity to work with some individuals who are motivated to provide quality care and we saw a good relationship with them start to blossom,and they were able to help us bring about this building so that we can provide good care to our patients.”

According to Dr. Bennett, there’s a bright future in store when it comes to serving patients in Meridian and Lauderdale County.

“ We have plenty of room to grow, we have a lot of opportunity for expansion, we have new services that we’re providing and there will be new services as things come along, we’ll be able to bring those along with what we do here and offer.”

The doctor says specializing in many services is important especially when competing against other local practices in the area.

“ We do an ultrasound, echocardiography here, we do cardiac pet scanning here, we do nuclear expect cardiology here, we do treadmill testing, and of course examining the patients and taking care of patients who we see on a regular basis”

He adds there is one common disease found in patients and he’s glad the practice has specialized treatment for it.

“ Peripheral arterial disease is one of the things that we wont to concentrate our efforts on trying to treat here, we have been trying to expand our services to patients who have peripheral vascular disease and one of our main thrust is to try to see if we can enhance our treatments to those patients here.”

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