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Archusa Water Park preps Fourth of July celebration.

July 4th is the time to remember our independence as well as come together and celebrate America’s independence, for several years Quitman and Clarke County have been celebrating Fourth of July by bringing the community together to socialize and acknowledge July 4th.

“Quitman’s Volunteer Fire Department will be cooking,: they’ll have hot-dogs, hamburgers, drinks, sausage dogs, there will be a live band: they’ll start about six o clock they’ll play until 9 when the fireworks show begins. About 8:30,8:15, there will be a boat parade; all the boats decorate for it and they line up and they go around the lake and everybody really enjoys that.“

According to Howell, it’s more than just the fireworks that will bring people out,but the live performances that will have a variation in music.

“Its going to be mike Johnson and his band, they call themselves: The Old House Band, they really put on a good show, it’s country music, some Gospel, they really put on a good show for us.”

Howell says the fun doesn’t just stop there and mentions how people surrounding the community got together and thought of something that would be even more entertaining for guest.

“Some of My homeowners across the lake Steve Neile and another one of two had got together and decided that it would be a good thing to put on a boat parade just for more entertainment for the people and to just fill that six to nine.”

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