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United Way host "Stuff The Bus" in Neshoba County,

Today Neshoba County held “Stuff The Bus” hosted by United Way, the program is in place to assist students, and even teachers with necessary supplies needed to start the school year off right.

“Stuff the bus is an impact project of the United Way of the East Mississippi, it’s a way that we can add school supplies to the teachers,and the county schools, and the elementary schools that help children who are not able to have all of the supplies that they need when they start school and, we want every child to have everything that they need for the best learning experience that they can have. Many times when the children don’t have the supplies that they need the teachers themselves have to go buy them and that stretches their budget.”

According to Partridge, it’s not just school supplies that need to be purchased during a new school year, there are also other necessary expense parents have to be able to provide.

“ If a family has multiple children in elementary school then that stretches the family budget, there you have to buy clothes, shoes, and school supplies,and sometimes school supplies end up being the last thing that they buy.”

Patridge says by this being held in Neshoba County for a second year, things are looking good.

“This is our second year, to do this, through United Way, we were very successful last year and had great donations last year and I’m looking forward to equally this year.”

Intern Sarah Lawrence Tucker says planning ahead is the best way to go when getting ready for the school year.

“ Kids who show up on the first day of school, and they have everything they and they’re ready to go and then there's some kids that don’t have the necessary need, like preparation for to get ready to learn and all that, so it kind of equals the playing field and game and gives everyone an equal opportunity to get into the classroom and start on a level field.”

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