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City of Meridian sets up for Fourth Of July festival.

The City of Meridian is bringing awareness of Independence Day and has spent hours preparing for a big ‘celebration that will take place at Bonita Lakes park.

“ We’re always excited about celebrating the fourth of July at Bonita. This will be in Meridian, this is the annual event for us, and it’s an opportunity for everybody to come out, the families enjoy the beautiful lakes, they enjoy the great music, the food, fun, and entertainment as well as a great fireworks show.”

According to Laura Carmichael, this Fourth of July festival was not the first so planning was done accordingly to keep a good reputation of the city hosting this show.

“ The City of Meridian has been sponsoring this event for years, so probably 15- 20 twenty years so, it’s been going on a long time and this is the perfect background and perfect setting. We have a flyover, the guys always do a flyover that just really means a lot and it’s a tribute to of course our independence and Fourth of July as well.”

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