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Local gym helps raise items for United Way's Stuff the Bus drive.

Fitness Depot Gyms and Mississippi Athletic Club have teamed up in raising efforts on how important it is to donate to United Way’s Stuff the Bus school supply drive. When items are donated students and teachers benefit by having the proper supplies needed to get started with for the school semester.

“We supported Stuff the Bus last year, and Fitness Depot is really big in the community as well as Mississippi Athletic Club. It’s just natural for us to want to support that, and I know that it’s big around here so, we’re excited about it. You can check out United Way,their Facebook Page, and of course “Stuff the Bus” page; for exact items needed from notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers all that kind of good stuff. It’s all listed on that site if you have questions.”

In honor of donating to “Stuff the Bus”, Fitness Depot Gyms and M-A-C are giving one token of their appreciation.

“starting Monday, we’ll have so, it’s the ninth. people can come in and workout all week all the way through the 15th. just bring in a donation for “Stuff the Bus” and they’ll get a free one-day pass and that pass is good for the indoor track as well as to take a class or just workout.”

Bergin says as a business owner she wanted to do anything in any way to help with contributing to Stuff the Bus.

“I think education is really big, so anyway we can support education and of course our school system we’re on board so any kind of donation is welcome and especially for those kids that need the help.”

According to Bergin, by donating just one item and having access to a variety of equipment to work out on is too good of a deal to want to turn down.

"It’s Worth coming in checking out, it’s a free day pass just to donate to Stuff the Bus but also, you can check out what we have, we offer tanning, childcare, classes. We run anywhere from 9 classes a day to 5 classes a day so we start at 5 am until 7 pm. In addition to that, of course, we have free weights in cardio and a ton of different machines so, come to check us out."

Bergin also mentions a goal set to reach from donors.

“We’re hoping to fill up the tubs, at least. We have two tubs right now and if they’re overflowing, that would be wonderful som anything that comes from that and of course, our staff is going to donate as well. So, if we can get two tubs, that will be great.”

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