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Getting to know MCC's new president

Now that Dr. Scott Elliott has retired after his twenty-year career at MCC, a new president has taken his place. Dr. Tom Huebner, who has previously been the president of East Mississippi Community College for the last three years, is ready to take on his new role as MCC’s president.

“I was most attracted to a position in education mainly because of the mentors in my life. I had some outstanding teachers who invested in me personally. In fact, I think about some of my high school teachers who were in the communication discipline and were folks I really admired. They were great role models and they were great mentors. To this day, I still have positive relationships with many of them.” -Dr. Tom Huebner, MCC president

Dr. Huebner grew up in Missouri, but his wife is from Wayne county, and he has considered himself a Mississippian since the early 90’s. His family has visited Meridian for many years, and he has always had a special place in his heart for this community.

“I think there’s a good energy here. I think there’s a desire for people to work together to build something strong and to build a community that’s a real difference-maker in this part of the country. So, why would I not want to be a part of that?” -Dr. Huebner

He believes MCC has the best academic transfer program for a two-year institution in the state, and he also hopes to create more opportunities for more jobs to come to the county. In terms of what is to be done first as president, he plans to get to know the staff and to listen and learn about the institution as a whole.

“I couldn’t be more impressed with the people who come to work at Meridian Community College every day. I mean, right now they’ve been welcoming, they’ve been kind, they’ve been energetic, they’ve been supportive, and I just feel at home already.” -Dr. Huebner

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