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Local fitness enthusiasts encourages others to workout.

Two fitness enthusiasts are defying the odds, and showing people anything is possible.

Both David Smith and Christie Roberts have grown up with challenges.

“ A Tree fell on me when I was 5 years old and caused a brain injury."

His injury caused his life to change, including losing the use of one of his arms, but that doesn't stop him from spending plenty of time at Fitness Depot in Meridian: and he says nothing can stop him from getting in a good work out.

“I can do it with one, you can do it with two.”

Smith says there is nothing but joy to have from all the support that he receives from the community is and family.

“It feels good”

Christie Roberts was born with Cerebellar Ataxia.

" Years ago she got where she couldn’t walk, she has a progressive form, so it kept getting a little worst."

Her father didn’t think he would be able to find so much care and support for his daughter’s need locally.

“We started searching for things to help her and I ran up on Fitness Depot at Mississippi Athletic Club with Katie Bergin and she is just really done some wonderful things for Christie and she’s up walking now, sitting on her own,and just doing fantastic so it’s been a blessing to find a place like that here in Meridian.”

A blessing that both Christie and David hope others in the community will find for themselves.

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