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North Crest Baptist Church prepares in advance for Love Out Loud.

Six years ago, North Crest Baptist Church launched “Love Out Loud” which is a community service project that takes place once a year in a one-week time window.

“We came up with the idea of Love Out Loud; Love out Loud it is a week-long mission trip we do inside the city of Meridian, so churches, we’re among them to do mission trips all over the world. We do many all over different nations in the world but we thought we also need to be serving our city our Jerusalem so, what we do is one week out of the year we will send people all over the city. I’m doing; I’m working with different mission agencies some people will be helping feed the needy, others will be doing random acts of kindness.”

Phillips hopes that this kindness will spread all over the city.

“One of the things that we do is we go to every school in the county, and we do clean up as they prepare for the school year, so there’s that kind of work. If you like outdoor work we’ve got that, but we also go, and we’ll serve residents and at the Meridian Housing Authority play with them, play games with them, do some things like that. We serve, we go to nursing homes and do things like that. We’ll be at The Boys and Girls Club doing some big events there. “

According to Phillips, Love Out Loud has experienced continual growth every year.

“Since then it has grown, a couple of churches will join us every year and this year, we expect to be the largest Love Out Loud that we’ve ever had as of this moment, 26 churches signed on take part in it this year and we hope that we’ll get a couple of more before we get started next Monday.”

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