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Clarke County has emergency response exercise training.

In past years, the state of Mississippi has had two safety training exercises a year. Today one of them was held in Clarke County the scenario, a school shooting.MEMA and several other first responders learned how to be ready for the unexpected.

“Although we confront emergencies on a daily basis, we don’t confront emergencies of this magnitude, and it’s a training that if you’re not trained then you’re not prepared, so it's; we see our mistakes in the pretend world so that we don’t make the same mistakes in the real world.”

Crane says resources from surrounding counties were used in training.

“This was Clarke County, but we invited any surrounding counties that would like to participate any provider that would like to come and participate we reached out to all our surrounding counties so, we utilized support services, air flight services air care rescue seven out of Hattiesburg, we contacted all of the surrounding EMS services that we could contact to let them know what we were doing”.

Zachary Early who is a paramedic stresses how training such as today can be essential on the job.

“I think this exercise was very helpful you know, you learn all of this stuff in school and its good to read it in a book but once you get out and do it and get involved with the chaos even though it is simulated. It helps you pick up on what to look for, how to move them, how to triage them and decided when they go and where they go, and overall I think it would be more places got to do stuff like this and I had a good time doing it

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