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Memorial service held for 15th year anniversary of the Lockheed Martin shooting

July 8, 2003, is a day several people in Meridian will never forget. A work-place shooting took place where Doug Williams opened fire killing and injuring several employees. Today in Meridian a memorial was held in honor of Rev. Charles Miller and several other victims involved that day.

“After my father passed, the next day my mother brought all of us together as four children and told us this is bigger than us and from that point on and that moment on she begin reaching out to city leaders and city officials saying you know we need to bring the city together. We don’t want to tear our city apart. We want to bring our city together, and that resulted in the; we used to do a one-day memorial, and that turned into a week-long memorial, and then we incorporated the Revered C.J Miller Memorial lunchen as apart of that week.”

According to Senora Miller, this is always the time of the year where victims of families join one another in remembering lost loved ones.

"As we look at the climate of today, we still see the reconciliation is important, and we are focusing on reconciliation beginning through the church, and if we believe that if we start where Jesus began then we can reach others and do that if we follow the example that Jesus set for us that we can reach those who are around us and about us and to make the world a better place."

Senora Miller says she comes from a family that is all about giving and scholarships are given each year to help high school graduates with college tuition.

“My father was always a man that gave he always looked for ways to do and help and assist others so we wanted to find a way that we could do that as well and we thought the best way to do that was to reach out to our youth who are in the city and to have them write an essay on what they see positive about this city because we know the youth are the leaders they are in the next group.”

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