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Mississippi Highway Patrol sergeant informs motorists about the new left lane change law

Highway routes tend to be the quickest way to reach a destination when there's no traffic, but safety can be a concern when other drivers impede traffic. The State of Mississippi launched a new law on July 1st that issues a citation for any driver who uses the left lane on the highway for not passing oncoming traffic.

“Mississippi legislature, they put a new law into place that began July 1st that prohibits drivers from continually driving in the left lane of a four-lane highway and the law also has exceptions written into it if the right lane is in disrepair, the road construction that prevents you from driving in it, If you’re overtaking another vehicle preparing to make a left-hand turn. The law is just designed to keep the left lane open for passing.”

According to Sgt Andy West when a new law comes into effect, it takes time for drivers to become educated on new changes made.

“As of any law change, it’s a process with the motor public to be aware of it, but you know, I also would like to point out all of us as motorist it’s our responsibility, it’s our obligation to stay aware of the law changes and to abide by them, and just keep in mind that ignorance of the law is not an excuse for defense."

Sgt. West says by the new law passing, it keeps motorist safe and benefits the flow of traffic to operate more smoothly.

“I feel like this law will be used just like any other law that legislature passed. Research has been done on it, they put it in place for a reason, and I believe that if there's public awareness, and good enforcement efforts that it'll be a good useful tool. I think it will be beneficial in making the road safer.”

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