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Sports doctor Rod Walters visits Meridian

Those involved in sports medicine industry all across the state and also in Alabama, made their way to Anderson Regional Medical Center this morning to hear a presentation by Dr. Rod Walters. Walters is the president of Walters Incorporation, which is a consulting firm that provides education consulting and a resource for those in the sports medicine industry.

“I think it’s important. I think education is critical. I love to teach, I love to be involved with these people, and I have a lot of friends in this area. I care about this topic, and so it’s something I’m very passionate about.” -Dr. Walters

Dr. Walters was the head athletic trainer at the University of South Carolina for twenty-seven years. A lot of his presentation today is on training while in the heat and how to care for athletes who have problems arise and how to prevent heat-related incidents.

“When you exercise in this environment when it’s over 85 degrees and above 70% humidity, which is very commonly can be in the southeast, it’s a stress on the body. We have to make sure that we have our athletes in condition, we have to make sure they’re acclimating, we have to make sure we have good rest breaks and good work-to-rest ratios. We have to make sure we accommodate stress and accommodate these issues and keep heat-related problems from happening.” -Dr. Walters

He travels all across the country to give these presentations around ten times a year. The Walters Incorporation provides three evidence-based CEU’s for local athletic trainers and two others, which are at no charge to the community. Reporting at Anderson Regional Medical Center, Emily Erikson, Twin States News.

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