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Youth help clean up as a part of the Love Out Loud community service

For several years now Northcrest Baptist Church has had a community service project titled Love Out Loud. The project went from only having support from church congregation members to receiving support from nearby churches in the area. Today Northcrest Baptist Church and Youth had a cleanup project for West Lauderdale Middle School.

“I think it’s important to participate in Love Out Loud to let people in the community know that you love them,and that we’re here for them,and to just to help with peoples needs. Normally, I do the yard work, like; helping with the schools, cleaning up around the schools, cleaning windows, helping people move their rooms, and stuff like that.”

Hannah Grace who is a high school senior says Love Out Loud is something that she looks forward to each year.

“We’ve been doing it for several years, and every year I participated in it, this is probably my 4th or 5th year participating.”

Rylee Dunlap who is a rising high school freshman, mentions how the result of serving in the community leaves you feeling good about yourself.

“ After putting in the time, I feel very accomplished just knowing that I made an impact in the community just by helping people. Doing whatever they need. I feel like I made a very big impact.”

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