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Meridian Museum of Art and Meridian Pediatric Extended Care partner with art workshop project.

Special needs Children got a taste for fine art at the Meridian Museum of Art. Some of the art activities consisted of blowing bubbles, and showing how any artist can use creativity.

“It’s awesome to have community impact on our children. A lot of times, they’re not able to physically get to places, or you know, the parents have constraints where they’re not able to get the children to certain activities, and it’s just a breath of fresh air to have the community involved in order to get the children to places such as this to participate and show that their capable of doing the same thing that regular children are able to do as well.”

Cary Haycox says, students often struggle when trying to express their artistic ideas.

“Some of the biggest fears artist or children have is the blank paper. What do I do, I don’t know what to do how do I do something? Art we did today takes away all of that fear. The only things the students pick is the colors ,and how to, so with the bubble art ,and you teaching them how to do a diaphragm and how to hold their mouth just right and blow through the straw to create the bubbles, and they just put colors on them, and have to use their hand get the color just right so that they don’t pop all of the bubbles, and we just make a small mono-print of the bubbles and how they look.”

According to, Haycox to eliminate the fear in students he tries to have as many hands-on experiences in the classroom as possible.

“The kids get their hands a little dirty, they get to feel it, and push the paper in and get to see a reproduction of what they actually created and it opens their eyes to some new possibilities without scaring them of having to be an artist, without having to know how to draw or paint. “

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