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United Way held Stuff The Bus in Lauderdale County.

The start of the school year is only a few weeks away which means its time for students to start rounding up those necessary school supplies. Today United Way held their stuff the bus school donation drive at two different locations in Meridian to help meet that need.

“ What we all kind of figured out is: that this is a big city, so a lot of people on that side of town who don’t have a chance to get over here during the day so, now that we have two locations what it’s doing is it’s filling that gap so, maybe there's some people on that side of town who can’t come over here and so they're easily able to drop off there and, so I think it’s going to work out and the goal is that we continue to grow and raise more school supplies for these kids and I think that having two locations is a great way to do that.”

Hank Holcomb, co-manager with Raisin' Cane says, several years ago he saw a demand in children needing school supplies and wanted to help supply that demand.

“We’ve been a part of this for about four years now, and what we were looking to do; we saw this program with United Way, it really helps out a need in our community because, so many kids go to school without the school supplies they need and so, we got together with United Way and four years ago and said hey, listen, lets collaborate, and lets have it at our location, and so it’s done really well it’s a big part of our job to help out in the community anyway we can, and so we’re glad to be apart of it.”

According to United Way’s intern Sarah Lawrence Tucker, United Way accepts numerous items from donors.

“They consist of everything from pencils, rulers, backpacks, to used uniforms, or new uniforms monetary donations, So we’re really accepting anything that can be helpful.”

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