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Care Center in Kemper County receives national award

In the small town of DeKalb, Mississippi, the local senior care center received national recognition.

“They treat them as family. They are the backbone of the community, and it’s a community organization. We have visitors in and out at all times. Our CNAs as well as our nurses and all our staff care for our residents and put their care first.” -Ruby Bolen, administrator: MS Care Center of DeKalb

The Mississippi Care Center of DeKalb received the Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award, which is based on data-driven criteria to objectively identify high-performing, skilled nursing facilities and the leaders who make them excel. Each state participates in this survey, and this center was deemed to be in the top 11% in the state of Mississippi.

“Our leadership begins at the bottom as well as the top. Usually it’s top-down, but our CNAs are long-term.” -Bolen

Bolen, who has been an administrator at the center for the past ten years, says the success has been due to the love of the community that is within the center and those who visit from outside.

“I love every one of them. Everyone of them is different. I’ve learned a lot in the last ten years, and they all have stories to tell. I love listening to their stories, and I learn a lot from them.” -Bolen

The Mississippi Care Center has been in business now since 1982.

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