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Love Out Loud Volunteer's spend the final day at The Boys and Girl Club of East Mississippi.

Love out Loud initiated from the congregation of North Crest Baptist Church several years ago. One week out of the year, several people in the community come together to love and serve all around the community. Today was the last day for L-O-L, and some volunteers spent time with the Boys and Girls Club of East Mississippi.

“We’ve been with the Boys and Girls club all week out here playing dodgeball, football, basketball, kickball and today; we’re mixing it up with water, so we can keep them cool, and we’re not so hot because it’s been so hot this week. We have dodge ball set up here closest to the tree, and then we have kickball back there in the other field then we have basketball right over here, and right now we have water balloons.”

J’ Vaughnte Harris who works at the Boys and Girls club and once was a student at the club says he can really see how things changed over the past years in comparison to when he was a part of Boys and Girls Club growing up.

“Back in my time when they had L-O-L, it wasn’t as it is now, and they have gotten better as the years progressed and it’s a whole development, you can see, now they got hot dogs, and food and everything for us. It’s a whole different environment. In my time it was more of showing the love and teaching us the love, and now it’s all about showing it and doing this”

Tiki Broome who serves as the youth pastor at North Crest Baptist Church says a mission

started years ago, and is still meant to be fulfilled.

“ We’re here because a couple of years ago there was a church member that expressed the need of loving on Meridian so, love out loud began and this year we have 26 churches that are here for the mission of loving the community, the church being the body and loving the community which is what we’re meant to do what we’re supposed to be doing and so we’re getting outside the walls of the church and volunteering in our community and making a difference.”

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