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Anna McDaniel Crowned Mississippi Miss Hospitality 2018

Contestants always dream to win big when competing in a beauty pageant or competition. Anna McDaniel is one of many who can share her story of winning Mississippi Miss Hospitality 2018.

“I was extremely nervous, everyone always dreams of winning, but you never really expect to win at least I didn’t expect to win and when they called my name, I just honestly I felt like; wait, did they really just call my name? but they had called my name, and I’m just so grateful to be able to represent a city as amazing as Meridian throughout the whole state.”

McDaniel says it takes a lot of confidence when having to step forward in front of the judges.

“You always hope for the best, and you always do your best. Throughout the competition, you know, I felt like I had done pretty good in every phase of competition; however, I was a little insecure, but I knew I had done my very best and I knew I was just myself and that’s what they tell you in a pageant or in a competition to just always be yourself.”

According to Anna, there are several responsibilities that she is now left with and plans to take care of them all.

“ I feel so honored, I am so excited to be able to promote the state of Mississippi one of the things I really want to do is get the people of my generation more involved in our state with bringing in business and tourism, so I’m really excited to promote that through hopefully new social media things we are going to be doing so you all stay tuned to watch my journey.”

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