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Meridian Community College receives Under Armor clothing endorsement.

Meridian Community College faculty, staff, and several people in the community including the mayor took pride in the big endorsement deal with Under Armor clothing line partnering with the college.

Student-Athletes now will receive brand new uniforms and be comfortable when they hit the field in the Fall semester.

“ I think it says something about our desire and willingness to move forward as an institution on the same page in partnering with the organizations that also have represented excellence in their work and what they do and Under Armor, BSN Sports certainly is one of those companies so to be able to couple or name Meridian Community College with that brand, I think it’s a big deal, and I think it says a lot about the opportunities our student-athletes are going to get here at the school.”

Mike Smith who serves as the soccer coach for M-C-C says he’s excited to have the players wearing the uniform and explains how popular a brand such as Under Armor is.

“Under armor is being a big brand in soccer, you know, it’s over in Europe. A couple of teams over there are now sponsored by Under Armor so, you know it’s on the rise in the soccer world, and I’m super excited to have it here at M-C-C.”

M-C-C president Tom Huebner also says for now Under Armor is the best brand that M-C-C could ever put their name next too.

“ I think it’s important that we have this exclusive relationship to get the maximum benefit from that partnership so, you know, you never know what the future holds but right now, we see us moving forward in a really great way with Under Armor and BSN. Sports.”

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