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Local business is concerned over break-ins

“We’ve had to put bars on all of our windows because of the break-ins. The only thing left to put bars on is the front door.” -Sherry Bohl, owner of The Jeweler’s Bench

A local couple who own a jewelry store on Poplar Springs drive are concerned about their business. The business next door to them ended up moving to another city because they had several break-ins, and now, the break-ins are happening to them.

“It’s bad. I mean, it’s gotten to the point where it makes me just want to pack up and move and go somewhere else as well out of Meridian,” says Bohl.

They have now had someone attempt to break-in their business a handful of times, and almost every time the person cut the power source to try and deactivate security, but Bohl says their security system still comes through their phone, so even if the power has been shut off, they can still get notified of a break-in. She believes these break-ins are stemming from parents not disciplining their children at home and giving them the support they need to grow into well-behaved adults.

“Everybody’s worried and scared. I mean, this is your life. As a business owner, this is your living. It’s like somebody breaking into your home, you know, with what it does to you. I have not slept all night since this happened. I’m scared the phone is going to ring in the middle of the night to say somebody’s broke into our business again. I sit and watch the cameras all night long. Like I said, this is no different than somebody breaking into your home.” -Bohl

The last break-in at The Jeweler’s Bench was on Sunday night in which they attempted to break in through the back door and ended up busting through the front glass. Only a few pieces of jewelry was stolen. Bohl says the Meridian Police Department has been excellent in responding to every call in which there was an attempted break-in.

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