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Cabin owners share stories about Neshoba County Fair in the previous years.

Today marks the 3rd day of the annual Neshoba County Fair being open to the public. For several years, locals and people all over come to be a part of family, fun, entertainment and to have a time that they will never forget.

'The first time I came here was in 1968, I was engaged to a local guy, and he brought me out here to the fairground. I had never heard of a fair at all, and I came, and I was very skeptical, I was really afraid of the cabins because, the cabin was built, you know, with the leftover scavenge materials.”

Jeannette Mars says she always looked forward to surrounding herself with the family-oriented souls each year.

“ Some of us are related, but the cabin next door and Sid's cabin we consider or I consider them my fair family, our children get together, and they’re fair cousins, they’re welcome to go to any cabin, and we feed them, we sugar them up and send them on home.”

According to Mars, her generosity has become so well known; she entertains several visitors each year.

“ I started getting a fair poster, the guest poster in 2002, Mars cousins started this.”

Cabin owner Sid Salter says a lot of the fair culture changed in the many years coming.

“ There was a resistance for a long time to air conditioning, but finally we gave in to air conditioning it’s a part of the norm, then there was a resistance which I still share to installing televisions and things of that nature because we wanted our children to have to talk to each other and to play and not to be so hooked to their electronics.”

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