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Alzheimer's Mississippi preps new fundraiser for September.

Many people who have a friend or family member who suffers from Alzheimer's disease sometimes don’t know exactly what the disease entails. Alzheimers Mississippi has made it their mission to help educate the public about the devastating disease.

“Alzheimer's is where you start forgetting memories over a course of time, so with Alzheimer's, you basically will start in the know, like in your present day, and you will start reverting back to older days or not really older days, but your memories will start to age back.”

Shelley Whitehead who serves as the Coordinator for Alzheimer's Mississippi says she wanted to do more than have a 5K run. and the new idea is a tasty one."

“Appetizers for Alzheimer's is a new event that Alzheimer's Mississippi has decided to pilot here in the Meridian market. In the Jackson market there is a huge wine festival event called the Sonnet South Wine Festival, so we’re basically trying to bring a smaller version of that fundraiser to the Meridian area.”

Whitehead says she already has received help in the community but is always looking for more support.

“We’re asking local restaurants we’ve already signed Weidman's and Harvest Grill has decided and committed to supplying an appetizer, and then we’re still looking for several other restaurants.”

According to Whitehead, the organization could use help from groups who have connections to Alzheimer's.

'We’re still looking for sponsorships, you know if you know are a medical entity, or if you have any type of involvement with people who have Alzheimers or dementia or provide any type of care this will be a really good event for you to sponsor and help get your name out there."

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