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Lauderdale County Sheriff's office spreads awareness of gun safety by handing out locks.

Each year several deaths occur when a gun gets into the wrong hands, and that can often be a child. That's one reason the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department is working to make guns more secure.

"Through our corresponds of other agencies, we heard of this opportunity. We contacted project child safe several years ago and they shipped some gun locks."

The gun safety locks make a gun non-functional, so if it gets left out where a child can reach it, It won't work.

"you thread the cable through the open port of the gun through the magazine holder so that the gun cannot be loaded and or discharged so that accidents in the home cannot occur. “

Sheriff Billy Sollie says anyone who meets the state of Mississippi standards can own a gun, but it is all left up to the gun owner to do so responsibly. By keeping that gun away from those who do not know how to use it.

“Based upon the legislation of the Mississippi legislature, you have the right and duty to protect your home and your family so again, a gun in your home is always legislature appropriate if you wish to carry a gun there are steps to the state of Mississippi through the highway patrol to obtain a permit to carry a gun either concealed or open carry.”

Sollie also says although the gun locks are a good way to protect anyone from playing with guns or getting hurt by one, It is still best to have a safe place to store any firearm used or used to cut down the risk of landing in the wrong hands of someone.

“We strongly encourage homeowners to have a gun vault or gun safe that will prevent their gun from being stolen and sold on the street to bad guys and girls.”

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