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MCC class of 2018 pinning ceremony

“I kinda have like mixed emotions because I want to cry, I want to dance, I want to jump up and down. It’s just a mixture of everything.”

Various emotions were scattered all throughout the Temple Theater this morning as twenty- five Meridian Community College Practical Nursing Program students made their way onto the stage for their pinning ceremony.

“It’s always been a passion to help people. I come from human resources where I help people. I went into CNA first, and now I’m finishing nursing school.” -Charvelle Perkins, graduate

MCC’s new president Dr. Tom Huebner spoke to the graduates saying how he was extremely proud of them and how if he is this proud, he couldn’t imagine how proud the friends and family would be.

“I would have to say my husband. He pushed me and seeing my kids’ faces everyday and just my friends—my classmates made it easier.” -Chiquita Slaughter, graduate

Many students, like Slaughter, talked about how they couldn’t have made it without the help of family and friends, and also, the reasons why they went into the nursing program.

“Well, following in the footsteps of my grandmother and also seeing how hospice took care of my daddy in his last few days. I want to help make a difference like that in somebody else’s life.” -Slaughter

“Actually I was a medic for five years in the navy, so I have my feet wet with healthcare, but it stems from being younger and my great-grandmother being an LPN, so it’s always been like a dream for me.” -Shantyair Bradley, graduate

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