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The Boys and Girls Club of East Mississippi host BBQ fundraiser

The Boys and Girls Club of East Mississippi held a barbecue fundraiser drive to help raise funds for the youth. Several orders were placed in the community which left volunteers having to spend numerous hours preparing for food.

“I’m going, to be honest when you got as many orders as we have going out everywhere from the county as well as the city; we started yesterday evening at 6:00 and we didn’t stop again until 5 this morning, and now we’re picking right back up around 12:00 and we’ll probably go ahead and cook until about 7 or 8:00.“

All of the time spent meal prepping is for a good cause, Jermaine Harris says all proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards providing more youth activities at the Club.

“ Without a doubt we know that the city of Meridian and other organizations have sports programs but we also at the boys and girls club have our own youth program, we have our own football league basketball league, baseball softball league so what we look to do is go ahead and make sure that we can do fundraisers to go ahead and cut the cost on the funds needed to get equipment and supplies that the kids may need to have.”

Harris also says funds raised from the Barbecue can help assist the center in several ways.

“We have to travel to different places whether it’s in Quitman Kemper, Laurel, so we have our own in-house games that’s over there at QV Sikes, but we also have to travel and them funds make sure that the kids, we like to make sure they have breakfast before they get on the road , we make sure we travel in our busses and vans, and they may need to go ahead and be gassed up so all of our funds that we raise absolutely go on our youth and the program that’s going on at that time. “

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