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Wesley House Community Center reaches food shortage, requests help from community

Wesley House Community Center has been assisting the Meridian and East Mississippi areafor over 114 years.

Many people in need depend on food items from the community center, but lately, there has been a shortage of food.

“ We’ve had quite an increase in 2017, in January of 2017; we would distribute 83 bags per month. In January of 2018, we would distribute 200 bags per month, and now from April through July we’ve been distributing 350 bags of food per month.”

Reverend David Schultz executive director for Wesley House says the community center relies heavily on support in the community.

“ We do have some regular drives that we’ve had, and the postal workers helped us out in May, the churches helped us out earlier in the spring, and we’ve appreciated all of those efforts. We look forward in the fall when the schools do their drive to help us out as well."

Schultz also says donations from the community are very helpful, but it may not fit the needs of some that don’t have the appropriate equipment to enjoy.

“ We’re appealing to the community to help us out with food products ideally nonperishable foods, can goods, box goods, dry goods, pop tops, we’ve also had an increased need for food that can be easily prepared not all of our clients have stoves or kitchens or the ability to prepare foods.”

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