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Freedom Rock Christian Fellowship receives recognition from the EMBDC for their new sanctuary.

Meridian, Miss. - Freedom Rock Christian Fellowship has been in existence for over 18 years. What started from being just a prayer, later lead to filling up a congregation of over 500. People. The church originally had a sanctuary to worship, but the size was just not big enough to fit the capacity of members at the church, and that led to the construction of building a new sanctuary.

“Many times, people build a new facility for all kinds of reasons, ours was really built based upon need. We we’re actually having 3 worship services on a Sunday to accommodate space. In our old sanctuary we exceeded about 250 we had an 8-o clock service, a 9:45 and an 11:30 so now we built this facility so that we can cut down the number of services we had to have and for our members to be able to share together in one worship experience.”

Pastor Hedgemon says that the brand new sanctuary provides plenty of more opportunities for the community and members that the previous sanctuary did not have.

“The new building actually offers capacity, it’s more seating capacity, we have a state of the art sound system we have a camera production team and room, it also features a coffee shop and so we have media which is really what our greatest investment was besides size to accommodate the growth, and the coffee shop is just something more temporary”

Pastor Hedgemon also says he realized when he got his calling in ministry. .

“It was definitely God if it was my choice I either wanted to play in the NBA or be working somewhere on Wallstreet in a marketplace in finance .”

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