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Columbus woman claims Goldfish crackers almost killed her

Columbus, Miss. - On July 23rd of this year, Pepperidge Farm issued a recall on four varieties of their Goldfish cracker product, and then following this, on the 25th the Associated Milk Producers Incorporated recalled certain types of dry whey powder that is used in certain types of the Goldfish product. According to the Food and Drug Administration, Pepperidge Farm was notified of the whey that is supplied in several varieties of the Goldfish crackers could have potential traces of salmonella.

One Columbus, Mississippi woman is speaking out about the traumatic experience that she says is due to consuming the Goldfish crackers product.

“I knew that day was going to be pretty busy at work. So, I threw the unopened bag of Goldfish at this point I was surprised no one had gotten into them yet. But, I threw those in my purse for lunch because I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave. So, I snack on those throughout the whole day,” Finch explained.

Finch claims the very next day took an unhealthy turn.“I’m not feeling normal. Just dizzy and just not myself at all and just off,” Finch added.

Symptoms included nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea according to Finch, and says that initially, she believed she had the flu; but changed her mind on July 24th when her health continued to decline.

“They come in my room and tell me if I go home that I will pass away. You have 24 hours,” Finch explained.

Finch was transferred to the University of Alabama at Birmingham hospital where she learned of the salmonella poisoning and promptly received treatment. An attorney for Richard Schwartz, Patrick Wooten, who is representing Finch in a civil action lawsuit along with the Corey Watson law firm says Pepperidge Farm did not do enough to warn consumers.

“It is extremely serious. Everyone loves Goldfish. It’s one of the first snack foods that young infants learn to eat because it’s easy to pick up, and on into some of the oldest folks in America love to eat them. It only takes a few to get infected by poison. That’s really what salmonella is; it’s poison. Why did these three point three million units get onto the marketplace taking a chance to infect people? It’s Pepperidge Farm and Associated Milk Producers Incorporated which actually helped produce one of the ingredients in the Goldfish crackers. So, it’s those two together that we have filed the lawsuit against,” Attorney, Patrick Wooten said.

“That’s part of the reason why we are doing this is to bring awareness to this issue," Attorney for Corey Watson, Mitchell Thedore said. "Especially with a product like Goldfish crackers. It’s not a raw meat or a dairy product, so you don’t expect to get something like salmonella in something like that.” For a list of recalled items, visit:


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