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Local business owner speaks out about robberies

“I think people just see us as easy targets and keep taking from us.”

Rich Borders, who is the owner of R and C Landscaping & Lawn Service, LLC, has been in the lawncare business for fifteen years. However, over the past four years, he has endured several robberies that have left him and his employees, out of work.

“For what I do and people that do stuff like me, this is how we make money for our families. When our stuff is taken, we can’t work and it put us out of business. So, not only did it hurt my family, it hurt my employees’ families too because everybody went without making some money last week.” -Borders

For the second time in around three months, he has had around $3,000 worth of backpack blowers stolen from his property. He was also stolen from a third time this year while they were out working on a job.

“The police came by, they took down documentation, made a police report, and they took down serial numbers. All of that has been turned in to the NCIC, so if anybody tries to get rid of it like at pawn shops or something, they’ll find it. Me, personally, I think someone that’s in the business is the one doing it.” -Borders

Borders claims that he thinks it’s someone in the lawncare business stealing the equipment because it never shows up at a pawn shop or anywhere else. He believes they are using the equipment until it breaks, then coming back to steal more.

“We’ve invested into a lot of security that we’re about to put in. Lots of locks, lots of chains, and security doors. We’re taking a lot of different measures now to protect our equipment.” -Borders

Borders has labeled all of his equipment with his name and number on them and even the quote, “do not steal.”

“You’re going to have to protect your stuff. Chain it down, lock it down, and keep your eyes open. If you’re in the lawncare business, have one guy maybe working the front and one guy working the back, that way eyes are on your equipment at all times. Just take extra security measures.” -Borders

In total, he has had around $13,000 of equipment stolen in the past few years, and he has had to replace the equipment out of his own pocket.

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