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Students head back to Meridian Community College for the fall term.

For some students, today was the beginning of a new chapter at Meridian Community College; while returning students continued their studies.

Today the campus was occupied by several students navigating their way around classrooms, the bookstore, and security to obtain their student ID's.

“It’s been great; the teachers are really fun they’re kind of crazy in a way but in a good way. I like that a lot of people are around here, they’re really helpful, if you can’t find where you’re supposed to go, they point you in the right direction.”

For freshmen Jamia Jordan, that direction is in the realm of healthcare.

“I’m looking forward to this school year I think I’ll become a great nurse, I’m a loving and caring person, it’s just something I’d love to do.”

M-C-C’s new president Dr. Tom Huebner says how surprised he is to see everything running so smoothly on the official first day of class.

“It’s been an exciting day, I’ve been out and about campus today, and I’ve seen our students all coming into class, and I think I’m really impressed by their level of excitement, I was at the Student Union, the student Center today at 9 AM and it was packed out with students, they were already sitting together talking together playing Ping-Pong and just being students, so that was exciting for me to be able to walk in on the first day of school and just see so much energy on campus.”

According to Jolie Culpeper, the college experience is different from what you would expect in high school.

“It’s really smooth, I like it it’s much different from high school, and I think it’s a lot better and better environment you make more friend this way.”

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