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Congressional candidate Michael Guest speaks to Republican Women in Meridian about his goals if elec

Congressional candidate for the 3rd Congressional District Michael Guest spoke with Republican Women in Meridian about what his plans are if he becomes elected as congressmen for Mississippi and addressed any concerns that the Republican Women had for Meridian and Lauderdale County.

“I think that we need to see that we elect good conservative leaders on behalf of the state of Mississippi but that we need to work across the aisle to see that issues that affect Mississippi are not just conservative issues, not just liberal issues, but they are issues that both parties take seriously, and we work to see that we have things that get accomplished.”

Guest says he already has plans in the making if he becomes elected.

“If elected, I will seek to govern with conservative principles. One of the first votes to be taken in the next Congress will be who will be elected as the next speaker of the house. I can tell you that I can vote for someone who will have a conservative agenda someone who would want to work with the president to see that his plan for our nation will continue to be carried out.”

Guest also says his background experience helps him stand out against his opponent Michael Evans in this election.

“I think the advantage that I have is that for the last 22 years I have fallen behalf the people of Mississippi as prosecutor, I fought to see that the guilty are convicted and that justice prevails, I’ve worked with law enforcement to see that our communities remain great places to live and worship and raise a family and so I believe that that is an advantage that sets me aside from my opponent.”

According to Guest although political parties have different views, it’s important to have teamwork across party lines to ensure important matters are addressed.

“Mississippi is a state with a small congressional delegation unlike several other larger states, Mississippi has four delegates in Congress, four members of Congress, currently there are three Republicans and one Democrat I believe that if you are elected to represent any part of Mississippi that you represent Mississippi as a whole and I believe that for Mississippi to be successful you’re going to have to have those individuals who are elected as Republicans and Democrats working together to put the interest of the state first.”

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