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Meridian Community College receives new Baptist student union director.

Meridian Community College welcomed their new student union director a week ago.

Chris Thomas says his week on campus was met with a warm welcome.

“ Administration has been great, the students have been very welcoming and open to kind of what we have planned for the semester, everybody has been really friendly, and I’ve really enjoyed it so far.”

Thomas who made a move from Abner, Mississippi says he felt a calling to make the transition to Meridian.

He says the offer was something he could not refuse.

“ The Mississippi Baptist Convention was looking to replace the person before me Justin Busby and called me and asked if I would pray about considering moving to Meridian to serve at MCC and that’s the BSU director for the Mississippi Baptist Convention I came to Meridian and really liked it.”

Thomas also says that several religious activities will be held throughout the MCC’s campus.

“ We’ll be having worship service this year, on Friday nights, and we will have noonday luncheon for students on campus in the chapel there on campus, we will also be ministering at different events offered this semester, we also have our local bible study lead by our students.”

According to Thomas having a ministry on campus will leave a huge impact on students lives

“ I think it gives them a little opportunity for those who go to a local church; it gives them something to kind of keep them connected, you know spiritually.”

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