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Meridian Public School Board meets to discuss new curriculum change.

The Meridian Public-School board members met to discuss budgeting, activity, funding and salary adjustments for the year.

One item discussed was the curriculum change that was recently updated.

"We have a new curriculum in place especially in the area of math, we’re really excited about having an elementary curriculum director along with our secondary focus to ensure of the support that we have in place for our students and our educators and more importantly tonight our school board approved something new called teacher university which means our teachers will have an opportunity to come in and be trained in the afternoons and on Saturday’s to learn more about different ways that we can approach instructional content regarding our students learning.”

Assistant Superintendent John Taylor says it was important to be coherent in high school education allowing for teachers to use the same curriculum to prevent any confusion in students and to also help in getting them prepped for college by the time they reach graduation.

'In grades 9-12 we want to sure up our curriculum and ensure that teachers were all teaching the same standards using the same curriculum, using the same resources, we felt that one of our delimiting factors was that we had some teachers teaching one thing and others teaching another, so we wanted to make sure that we had the best evidence-based resources, evidence-based practices in ensuring that all students received the same excellence.”

Taylor also says the Meridian Public-School System wants to keep up with current learning standards and find the easiest way to keep students engaged in learning which leans more towards technology than physical textbooks.

“Today students are more interactive if they have a device.

Anything electronic or digital keeps their attention and captivates them, so the task has been for teachers to find innovative ways to utilize technology, not just a digital pencil and pad, but to maximize the benefits of the technology.”

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