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Local spa talks about benefits of exercise class

August is National Wellness Month, which focuses on self-care, managing stress, and promoting healthy routines. Pampered Bodies in Meridian offers a ballet-barre exercise class, which is a blend of Ballet, Yoga, and Pilates. Teachers say the classes work on strength training as well as stretching, and it also strengthens the core which in turn can help with back pain. The classes may also help increase bone density, and they aid in mental fitness as well.

One of their teachers, Caroline Carns, is originally from England. She moved to the U.S. a little over thirty years ago where she learned the method from the woman who brought it to New York. Carns says you don’t have to have a background in ballet to join the class and that it is for anyone at any fitness level.

“There are a lot of things as we all know in life that we cannot control, but I really believe if we have a disciplined workout life, then we feel better about ourselves and that is something that we can control.” -Carns

Classes are offered seven days a week. For a list of times, download their phone app called Pampered Bodies. For prices, visit their website at Their business number is 601-482-4463.

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