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Meridian Community College host resource fair for students.

Meridian Community College provides students with several in-classroom resources, but sometimes resources offered outside of the classroom can be even more beneficial.

For some years now, the college has held a resource fair to help students be knowledgeable about several helpful options in the community to aid students with public transportation if needed.

“I think everyone that we invited is pretty much beneficial, but the biggest one was CRT a lot of our students were not aware that there is transportation in the area that can pick them up from their home and bring them to the school.”

MCC college navigator Shaquita Hopson says although Meridian Community College is a regional school, students from all over are enrolled, and so there is an importance to make students aware of the many resources Meridian and Lauderdale County have to offer.

“ We wanted to expose our students to different resources in the community so they would be aware of things that are out there that if they need something they can reach out and be aware of what’s going on in the community, they’re different things out there to help them, and they may not be aware of those so we decided to have events and invite people that they would find helpful to them.”

Hopson also says without the support of the community partnering with M-C-C it would not be possible to carry on the resource fair every year.

“We had CRT, we had Care Lodge, we had the Win Job Center, we had the Meridian Muna Federal Credit Union, we had Weems, N Fusion X, and Multi-County and everyone I called was 100%, they came before I could even update them on things they were calling me they were very excited and thrilled to work with MCC.”

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