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United Way of East Mississippi Held Power of the Purse in efforts to raise money for Imagination Lib

For six years now, United Way of East Mississippi has hosted a fundraiser event titled Power of the Purse specifically for ladies to join by socialization as well having a cause to raise money for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library which helps raise funds to provide books to children up to age 5.

“Our community is trying to become an excel by five community which is an early childhood literacy initiative and a way to get children ready for kindergarten, and The Dolly Parton imagination library is just one component that can help children improve their reading, readiness before kindergarten.”

Kathy Parish who serves as Community Impact Coordinator for United Way of East Mississippi says nights such as this one helps them reach the many counties they serve by raising enough funds to have books purchased and delivered to the children in the counties they serve.

“About 4200 children a month in a four-county area that United Way serves; which is Lauderdale, Clark, Kemper, and Neshoba County receives 4200 books a month these children receive so this is a wonderful program and this night is the fundraiser for that.”

Parrish also says a lot of time was taken out to handpick the best books that would interest children and leave an impact on their learning experience.

“The first book that every child receives, it has a letter written from Dolly in it, and it’s “The Little Engine” That Could and the last book when they turn five is called “Look Out Kindergarten here I come, and those are some of the books that they will receive. The books are all picked by experts, education experts, pediatricians, children psychologist people like that, picked by a panel Dolly and her foundation.”

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