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Meridian Community College opens new track and field.

Meridian Community College is staying ahead of the race when it comes to their student track athletes.

A new facility has been opened, and it now gives student-athletes an advantage by having the latest state of the art technology that will help aid students when training.

“We’ve opened the track and field center here we’re excited about it, it’s a great tool for both our kids and our recruits as well. It’s early, my track guys haven’t even started practice we start practice Tuesday, my cross country team runs this evening over at Mississippi College, you know we’re running a bunch of young guys, bunch of freshmen, you know, we’re just looking for them to get a little bit of experience.”

MCC track and field head coach says that he doesn't like to project how the season is going to go, but trusts his athletes.

“I try not to say how we’ll do this early in the game, but if history serves us well, we’ll do just fine.”

With the new track and field in place; coach Gayden says he plans on recruiting the best of student-athletes from all around including some out of the country.

"We recruit all over, not just Mississippi not just in the country, we recruit internationally. We currently got a young man here from Trinidad Tobago, and we’ve got people from Mississippi, Alabama, Louisianna, Texas, Ohio, Flordia, Georgia, Tennessee, so we recruit all over.”

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