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LEMA officials prepare for tropical storm Gordon.

Tropical storm Gordon is expected to make it’s way to Mississippi tonight, and groups like the Lauderdale County Emergency Agency have stocked up on necessary supplies to assist victims who may become affected by storm damage.

LEMA officials say that they are taking this tropical storm very seriously because at any given moment the category can change from one to something different.

"We are making our normal preparations for this storm as we do for any storm and that’s just making sure that our equipment is filled up, double checking everything and make sure it operates properly, things like that, we’re in contact with the surrounding counties.”

To ensure that LEMA has an accurate response time Williamson says that he is watching closely as the storm makes way to Mississippi and communicating with other officials monitoring this storm.

“We’ve been staying in contact with other officials from Mississippi Emergency Management Agencies, The National Weather Service; we’ve talked with EMA directors in surrounding counties and like I said routine equipment maintenance and just making sure everything is ready to go for the storm.”

Willaimson stresses the importance for families to have a storm survivor kit in the event of a hurricane coming through the area.

“Each individual should be prepared for whatever they face for at least 72 hours, and that includes a preparedness kit with things like flashlights, extra batteries, dry good foods that wont spoil if the power goes out alternate power supplies to charge cellphones things like that a couple cases of bottled water."

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