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The City of Meridian partners with the Mississippi Development Authority by offering a how start a

For years a partnership between the city of Meridian and the Mississippi Development Authority has existed to educate aspiring business owners on several key factors there are when starting a business.

“The City of Meridian is pleased to be partnering with the Mississippi Development Authority to present a seminar called Doing Business With The City of Meridian and it will focus on the startup and tips that you need to know if you’re interested in starting a business or owning a business on what you need to do, the processes you need to do in order to get that going.”

Laura Carmichael who serves as community development director for the city says there is a step by step process for those interested in starting a business and the guest speaker will inform those in attendance on exactly what it will take.

“Eugene Perry who is our purchasing agent will be the guest speaker, and he will be sharing all kinds of tips and the ins and outs on the process you need to go through in order to start a business to do business with the city of Meridian, there’s a lot of opportunities out there, and we just want to give this information to the public, so you’re aware of things that you have to go through like obtaining a privilege license. “

Carmichael also says there are usually a variety of business owners or prospective business owners who come out to learn at the seminar.

“You can see anything from retail to restaurants, to industry, there’s just a variety, so it’s open to anyone who might be interested and so we just always see a variety of different business and different things that really benefit our community.”

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