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Meridian Little Theater preps for guild sale this weekend.

The Meridian Little Theater is a non-profit organization that has a yearly budget that does not always cover expenses needed to keep the theater in operation to help pay the bills; the staff holds an annual guild sale happening this weekend.

Nancy Myers with the theater says they have collected a inventory for Saturday's sale.

" It just keeps growing, and we didn’t have as much things as we thought we would,and now all of a sudden, you know, it’s like a big sale, so we have a lot of items, a lot of this and that , household items, home decor, clothes ,not as many as we usually have, we have these wedding gowns behind me two of them are brand new and absolutely gorgeous.”

President of Meridian Little Theater Nancy Myers says there will be a large variety of items for sale.

"We have paintings, artwork, we have purses, and bags and shoes, and linens, and some books.”

Myers also says they took a break from the guild sale last year, but says she is hopeful the turnout will be strong with it's return this year.

“ The beginning of last year, it just got to be where it was more work, and we weren't making as much money as we have in the past, so we decided we’d just you know, weren't going to do it for a while"

Myers adds how coming out to the guild sale will help benefit the operations of the theater.

"We have good prices, we have good quality items, and hope that they’ll come to the sale and spend their money here, because it does go to the theater, so if they love the theater like I do and like you know the people that work here then, they’ll want to see it continue in the community because it is an asset to this area.”


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