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Meridian Community College host 15th college pre professional day.

For 15 years Meridian Community College has hosted an annual college pre-professional day workshop to teach local high school students, and current students enrolled at M-C-C about the many healthcare professions offered at different universities.

Today many of those universities that offer health care majors were in attendance at the workshop including some physicians and dentists.

“We like students to come to this event, we wont to give them this opportunity to get a heads up on the types of classes that they will need to take, what kind of test they will need to take, what kind of test scores they would need to have in order to gain entry in one of these professional schools.”

Valerie Bishop who serves as the chair for science and wellness at Meridian Community College says several years ago the current, and former college professors started planning and gathering local resources that would be beneficial to those in attendance.

“ The idea sprung up that it would be nice for our students here at M-C-C to get information about coursework, and testing, what they would need to do to transfer to a four year university and still be really competitive not only from their community college background but their four year experience to get into medical school, dental,school.”

Bishop also says most students in their freshman year of college tend to not know what they want to major in when taking prerequisite classes, but workshops like the college pre-professional day help students in deciding what profession they want to pursue before entering their core courses.

“Our emphasis is on sciences, what we would call the STEAM classes but we have students who will come and think, maybe I want to be a pharmacist, and then they find out about engineering, and so even though the topic is different a lot of those core classes, those prerequisite classes still carry over, your math and your science they place a really big role in the pre-professional degrees that we highlighted today.”

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