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Second graders at Poplar Springs Elementary honor grandparents.

Poplar Springs Elementary School had a celebration gathering in honor of grandparent’s day.

2nd graders at Poplar Springs Elementary created portraits and put on a quick performance today for their grandparents.

“Poplar Springs wanted to find a way to celebrate the arts this week and since grandparent’s day was yesterday it was the perfect opportunity for our students to be able to present an arts experience or activity of things that they’ve learned and how they’ve used their emotions and their feelings to express love for their grandparents”.

Poplar Springs Elementary lead teacher Heather Pouncey says because grandparent’s day only occurs once a year; teachers decided that it was only right to allow students to be as creative as possible.

“Students were very creative with their portraits; we might look at some of those and see some of the wrinkles that grandparents even have on their faces, one of the songs that they did sing was titled wrinkled so that kind of goes well together for them.”

Pouncey says their special guests found the gathering entertaining.

“Grandparents enjoyed seeing their children up on the stage; it’s nice to just see what they’re learning, how they feel about you children were dressed as their grandparents, so it put a little laugh and a little smile on their face. We also as I said Poplar Springs is a model school for the arts commission with the whole school’s initiative, so that means that all of our teachers and all of the classrooms, every grade level integrates those arts standards weekly.”

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