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Julep antique shop has an opening ribbon cutting ceremony.

Julep Antique Shop has opened its doors in Meridian on Front Street.

Owner Lisa Fryery said collecting antiques was once just a family tradition, but it grew into a dream of owning her own shop.

“ We’ve just antiqued all of our lives and love it, and we’re inspired by my brother Barkley Fryery, and he traveled all over the world and brought antiques and always wanted us to have a shop in Meridian downtown on Front Street and so we’ve done it.”

Fryer says her brother who passed away over a year ago inspired her to still find and sell antiques; she says for several years he taught her all the ropes on how to be successful in the antique business.

“ He went all over the world, and he lived in Greenwich Connecticut and was a famous interior designer, and this is a portrait, it’s a one of a kind painting one of his friends did for him, and he taught me a lot, I worked with him some and traveled to different projects of his picking and finding treasures for his clients and I’m going to continue to do it here with my friend Ella and BJ.”

She says she will continue to keep her brother's hobby alive by collecting antiques brining them to the store she says most antiques come from estate sales and it is always a story to be told.

“ We even have a small little handmade canoe hanging from our ceiling that’s a one of a kind, a gentlemen but it when he was in high school and we were able to buy it from his estate and hang it in our shop, we’re going to find antiques from all over."

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